Web 2.0 and Social Media Learning Opportunities - Winner of the 2013 WISIS prize in the e-agriculture category

On May 13, 2013 CTA's project “Web 2.0 and Social Media Learning Opportunities” has been proclaimed as winner of WSIS Project Prizes 2013 contest in the category C7. ICT Applications: e-Agriculture. The announcement occurred during the WSIS Project Prize Ceremony which took place at the opening ceremony of the WSIS Forum 2013 in Geneva where winners of the 18 categories were announced to the public and awarded with the prize.

The WSIS Project Prize was established in 2011 to evaluate and reward stakeholders for the success of their efforts in implementing development-oriented strategies that leverage the power of information and communication technologies. Winning projects are recognized for their excellence in the implementation of the WSIS outcomes. The initiative is now an integral part of the WSIS Stocktaking Process established in 2004. 





Giacomo Rambaldi and Ken Lohento who have been coordinating the project since its inception attended the price giving ceremony on behalf of CTA.

On Day 2 (May 14), Giacomo presented the project during the Showcasing Theatre, which ITU considers as a unique opportunity for promoting the winning projects at an international level, share best practices and discuss their purpose and impact.


Giacomo was later on interviewed by David Reid, TV producer and reporter for BBC.

For further information CTA’s price winning project is described in detail on the recently released ITU publication “WSIS Stocktaking: Success Stories 2013”. pages 78-93