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Department of Information and Communication Studies, University of Namibia

Windhoek, Namibia , 08-12 September 2014

Technological innovation is taking place at a breath-taking pace. Simple, open source internet-based applications and services designed to enhance on-line collaboration are now available to the wider public at little or no cost at all. These new online technologies known as Web 2.0 and ‘social media’ enable people to collaborate to create, share and publish information.

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From 18th to 22nd March 2013, the Fiompiana Fambolena Malagasy Norvéziana (FIFAMANOR) and the organisation Formation aux Technologies et à l'Agriculture (Training for Agriculture and Technologies) have organized a Web 2.0 training in Madagascar, financed by the CTA. Two previous training sessions, held in September and December 2012 respectively, have allowed for improvement in this process.


I took part in the Web2.0 training in November 2012 in Antananarivo. Having enrolled for this training almost three months in advance, when somebody phoned me to inform me that I have been accepted to partake in the Web2.0 training, I had a “blank moment” because I could not recall what it was about exactly. I thought it pertained to sectors such as Agriculture and Sustainable Development. I was told that the duration would be about a week straight and that we had to bring our own computer or let them know if we didn't have one so that arrangements could be made in that regard.