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This initiative is intended to gather success stories from people who’ve benefitted from interactions with CTA in the domains of Web 2.0 and Social Media and used the acquired skills and networks to accomplish something that wouldn’t have been possible before.

Did acquired skills / exposure initiatives make a change in your life, in the way you and your organisation operate? Did acquired skills, connections, networks result in measurable benefits along agricultural value chains, or increased engagement of your audiences in policy processes? Specifically we are looking for testimonies in the following areas; (i) value chain development (ii) policy dialogue & advocacy (iii) provision of information services. Your stories are part of our history, and we will be pleased to publish the most innovative and outstanding ones.

After submitting a 300-600 word narrative (we suggest you prepare it upfront and paste it into the essay box of this questionnaire) describing your success story you will be requested to provide additional details for us to get a better understanding on who you are and on how to eventually get in touch with you. While writing your narrative, please be reminded that you need to cite CTA's products and services which have been instrumental for you in achieving success and – if possible - provide indicative dates. In terms of impacts, please be as specific as possible about any positive change or benefits experienced, and be aware that selected stories will be subject to on the ground verification before been made public.

We welcome submission of still images which can support your story.

In case your submission will be successful you will be contacted by a journalist who will interview you in order to prepare an article.

Should your case be exceptionally inspiring and innovative, and have had measurable impact beyond your personal development, we may organise the production of an on-site video-documentary to capture your story and gather feedback from your beneficiaries.

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